Happy Birthing, Mammas!


Here's to a happy postpartum!
Don't trash it, stash it

What my clients' say


"It is incredible easy, efficient, safe, and clean.  You picked up the placenta so quickly!  Also, the capsules had no taste that I could identify, which I was a bit worried about.  You explained the process to me, shared photos, and truly allowed me to be part of the process by sharing your steps from pick up to encapsulation."



"All my friends needed caffeine and I have been decaf for a while and happy to have some energy without stimulants. Loved the hospital pick-up and drop off!" 



 "I was a little skeptical about the process in general but knew I would rather have the pills and not need them than forgo it, and then have to turn to other remedies should I need. I am so glad I did it and you have a repeat customer in me for sure (should i need hehe), and I have recommended you to several friends."



."The sweet Gift bag that came with my capsules and how kind you are it was such a wonderful experience. It was 100% worth it!" 



."Kristen went above and beyond my expectations!  I've had my placenta encapsulated before and I didn't receive near the same quality of service as I did with Kristen. Not only did she do a great job with the encapsulation, she answered my questions and concerns with confidence and provided research to back it up.  I was also impressed by the small details and touches she included that show her love and care for mamas."