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Placenta Encapsulation

Raw Start Method

Raw Start preparation involves taking your placenta, gently rinsing it, then respectfully slicing it into small pieces, dehydrating it, and then encapsulating it. It is thought to be more potent than traditional method, and yields more capsules. We dehydrate it at a higher temperature to minimalize risk of foodborne illness and bacterial growth. This method is believed to increase energy postpartum. It is a good option for mom's who already have older children to look after in addition to the new baby.

Traditional Method (TM)

Traditional method is based off Traditional Chinese Medicine. TM is about bringing balance back to the body after giving birth, bringing together the yin and yang or hot and cold within the body. This method is believed to have calming qualities. The process involves steaming the placenta, and possibly adding warming and tonifying herbs such as lemon, ginger, and peppers to the steaming pot. After steaming, it is respectfully sliced, dehydrated, and encapsulated. This method is a more subtle approach, and yields fewer capsules than raw method but is a great option for those sensitive to hormones, those predisposed or suffering from anxiety, and women who experience premenstrual tension.

Can't decide? Don't worry, you can choose both!


Sometimes it is tough to decide which route to take. We took the difficulty away!  Half of your placenta is prepared raw and the other half is prepared traditionally. This will give you the best of both worlds, and affirm which method works best for your body. 

Placenta Tinctures and Art


Placenta Tinctures

Tinctures are a wonderful way to preserve the benefits of encapsulation long after your capsules are gone, and are hassle-free. Tinctures are a mix of alcohol and a small piece of your placenta to create a perfect tonic just for you. Placenta can either be raw or steamed for the process. Tinctures last indefinitely and are ready to use by week 6 after their processing date. 


Natural and Color Placenta Prints

Placenta art is a unique way to preserve the journey you took with your child. It is beautiful yet simple. They can be made with placenta's residual blood (called natural prints), or decorated to show colors of your choice. We also do what is referred to as "mapping the journey". This is where we outline the print and it turns out very map-like. We do prints on watercolor paper or canvas to meet your specific appeal. 


Umbilical Cord Keepsake and Amniotic Art

Every part of the placenta is beautiful. Because we value every part, we offer umbilical keepsakes and amniotic art. Umbilical keepsakes are your dehydrated umbilical cord, shaped to your specifications. Amniotic art is simply flattening the amniotic sac, dehydrating it, and you have the ability to paint on it once it is dehydrated. Both keepsakes can be hung or framed and make beautiful ornaments and decoration.

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