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Packages and pricing

Flavored and vegetarian capsules are available upon request

Our standard capsules that we use for most clients  are gelatin . They are pearl or clear in color, your choice.  If you have diet restrictions, you may choose  vegetarian capsules. Vegetarian capsules come in clear or white capsules only. Unfortunately,  no flavors are available in vegetarian yet. 

If you are sensitive to taste, and do not have any diet restrictions regarding gelatin, you may choose a flavored gelatin capsule.

Capsules are colored and flavored to avoid any off-putting taste and color for those sensitive to sight and flavor of placenta powder.

Flavors available (gelatin capsules only):







Don't see a flavor you like? We can special order if you book in advance.

***If you are choosing a vegetarian or flavored option, please note that it will be an additional $10.00. ***

Add-On Pricing

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